Remembering Our Past, Pioneering Our Future


his Foundation continues with passion to get the gospel to all people and to provide training and education along with platforms to work together for the furtherance of the gospel. One of Dr. Roberson’s last conversations with Dr. Sexton was about bringing people together for the furtherance of the gospel and to evangelize the small towns of America.


assion for the lost and vision for the world were two of the defining attributes of Dr. Lee Roberson. Through the Lee Roberson Foundation, The Crown College is striving to continue that legacy in the training of young men and women carrying on that passion and vision. With the donations of dedicate Christians from around the globe the Lee Roberson Foundation can make this all possible.


he purpose of the Lee Roberson Foundation is to provide post secondary tuition scholarships to Christian men and women who have exemplified outstanding qualities of character, leadership and scholarship. Disbursements of the awarded scholarships are administered through the Financial Aids departments of The Crown College.